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"I've worked with Heather for several years now. She is an amazing mentor, coach, and now friend. We have covered so many topics, and I have loved how much of an impact she has had on my personal and professional growth. We are currently using Beyond Change as a business consultant for our management group! I always look forward to these sessions. Highly recommend."

Kerry Mackey-Griffith, Kerry Me to the Moon and The Redirections Group


"Heather is not only an incredible editor, but a great coach and friend. When I got off track or stalled for one reason or another, she always pushed me through with a perfect blend of inspiration, encouragement, and reality. I learned so much from Heather. She has a true gift for helping people find their voice."

Brady Sadler, Author of Collaboration Is King: How Game-Changers Create Marketing Partnerships that Build Brands and Grow Businesses

"Heather Doyle Fraser coached, cajoled, and edited our vision into a book. We would still be talking about writing a book and making notes on Post-Its without her. Through it all, she guided us with confidence and kindness to the final destination."

Lori Brown and Angela Miller Barton, Bloggers and Authors of Lowi & G: Living Outside the Lines

"Heather Doyle Fraser understood the depth of the material and my dedication to telling the bold truth. Deep down there are no words. Thank you for your expertise and support."

Bo L. Arnold, Author of Mood, Food and Gratitude

"My dear friend and colleague, Heather Doyle Fraser, has put together a fabulous writing program. It was my work with Heather that truly gave me the courage to bring forth my book. She was there every step of the way for me--guiding, nudging, gently suggesting, supporting, laughing, holding me while I cried. She knew what would come up deep inside me to be released. Fears and doubt that needed to be experienced so that my authentic voice could speak. Working with Heather gave me accountability. Without her I might have let other things take priority and my book would have stayed a dream instead of a reality. Writing and publishing a book takes vision, tenacity, and a willingness to look at what still lays hidden inside needing healing. Heather was by my side the entire time. I highly recommend her program if you have the dream of a book inside you."

Carolyn Barnes, LMT, Return to Ease Health & Wellness
Author of Return to Ease: Gently Reco
nnect with Your Body's Natural Mobility and Joy



"I've known Heather for most of our lives. She has been a wonderful friend, mentor, coach, and support."

Jill Campbell, Realtor for Keller Williams, Greater Columbus Realty