Beyond Change, LLC

Heather Doyle Fraser, Transformational Life Coach







What do YOU stand for?

Awaken the Power of You


CREATE the personal and professional life you want... 

Be BOLD...

Expect MIRACLES...

What if I told you that I believe all of us have the ability to realize our true potential and highest selves both personnally and professionally? What if all you need is to see the light within you: the potential, the possibility and the opportunity in every situation? What could you do that you haven't already done?


Sometimes we need a partner to ask the hard questions, help us see new perspectives, and inspire action. I will work with you to identify your strengths and the goals that will move you forward in your life, and then I will collaborate with you on how best to achieve what you want in a way that is aligned with your values, beliefs, and priorities. 


This is YOUR TIME. Are you ready to take your life to a HIGHER LEVEL?

I will work with you in a supportive environment to help you:

  • see space for possibility and potential where before you only saw one option;
  • enter into a process of discovery to go beyond the surface issues;
  • shift your perspective or perception regarding your challenges;
  • move into inspired action capable of creating an exceptional life: a new reality full of abundance, joy and transformation.

Please contact me if this is a journey you are ready to take. I tailor my coaching to each individual client, so we can collaborate to find the coaching solutions and packages that will work best for your specific needs.