Beyond Change, LLC

Heather Doyle Fraser ~ Coaching + Consulting + Publishing


About Me

I am BOLD.
I expect MIRACLES.
I CREATE the abundant life I want every day.

But, this wasn't always my story. It took me a while to get here. All of that journeying, though, has made me uniquely equipped to serve you. 

If you are here, you know in the depths of your heart that you want this same bold and joyful life. This is the currency in which I am versed. I am an ambassador of joy and transformation, and I want to bring that to you if you are willing to do the work -- if you are willing to dig deep, be courageous, and be vulnerable.

For the first part of my adult life, I had a completely different career. I was an executive development editor in college textbook publishing. I worked for one of the biggest players in the industry and received accolades and promotions with ease. I did this for nearly 13 years. At the beginning, the accolades and promotions were enough for me  - being new to the corporate environment. I enjoyed creating a vision with authors, helping them to develop their strengths as writers, coaching them, and creating a quality product (whether book or online course) that would help to transform how someone learned. At some point, though, I began to realize that I wanted much more out of my life. I loved working with the authors, but that was only a part of my job. What I realized ultimately is that I wanted to be a coach, not just for authors, but for everyone who has not reached their full potential - for everyone who wants more out of life. I wanted to help people uncover their greatness and move into their zone of genius, but I had no idea how to do that.

The next part of my journey was critical. I left corporate higher education publishing and took a job for 2 years as a project director for a 6.5 million dollar, federally funded educational grant. This career move not only gave me much needed skills and experience, but also gave the space I needed to make a choice. I chose to be bold. I chose to create. I chose to learn how to be a transformational coach. I studied while I was directing the grant. I started coaching and realized I needed to make another choice. If this was truly what I wanted out of my life I needed to make it my focus. I couldn't create a full-time abundant life if I was only dedicating part of my time to it. So, I left the grant and officially opened my practice, Beyond Change, LLC. That was in June of 2012 and it was the best decision I could have made. And that is important. Because, there are lots of different decisions I could have made. There are always options and opportunitities if we are willing to look, listen, feel, and intuit our way through.

There is a third part of my story. It's something that has been here through all of the career decisions I have made, but it was something I used to downplay. I am part of a national all women, high-energy Celtic band, The Ladies of Longford. Music is another joy for me. I used to downplay it because I thought it might make me less credible as a coach and as a business owner. But then I realized that this is a vital part of me and who I am. I bring joy and transformation not just with my coaching, but with how I show up in this world every day, including sharing the gift of my musical talents.

This history is part of me, and it all helps me to bring out the joy and transformation in my clients. The corporate experience, the academic and grant experience, the management expereince, the performance experience - it is all part of the tapestry.

This is my story now. I bring joy and transformation. I shift perspectives and perceptions. I explore possibility, potential, and opportunity. I am willing to dig deep in my own life so that I can help you achieve the same transformation and abundance in yours.